The ultimatum has been sent, and you're the only one left.
Will you manage to keep the Birb App afloat?

You're The Last Birb, the very last employee at Chirper, and the weight of the world is now on your shoulders.
Will you be able to manage all the jobs at once? 
Will you break under the pressure? 

Debug code, prevent servers overheating, answer journalist's questions, moderate Chirps, and keep Chirper Stonks alive...
While also keeping in touch with your fantastic new boss, Elon! 

Qui Cung: Game design, Game programming
Lucien Roussy: Interface design, Voice of Elon
Gwenäelle Barillon: Storytelling, Sound Design, Vocals, Midjourney whisperer

This game was made during the UPsi Jam 2.0 in Neuchâtel.
All assets were made during the game jam; visual assets are a mix of human made and AI-generated assets.
All game sounds were either mouth-made or recorded by ourselves.
No animals were harmed while making this game. 

Published 17 days ago
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Authorsminderien, cung, Jeudredi
Made withAudacity, Construct
Tagselonmusk, satire, Singleplayer, twitter, weird

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